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Frequently asked questions

Q: Where does the XII Robotic Arena take place?  

A: At the Wrocław Centennial Hall (address: Wystawowa 1, 51-618 Wrocław).            

Q: How to get there?

 A: Use public transport, stop: Hala Stulecia There are several possibilities from the Railway Station (eg. tram 2, bus 145, 146 ). On the day of RA with 8-10 minute intervals.

Q: When can I enter the building in the morning?

A: The registration starts at 8:00 am local time.

Q: When does my competition start?

A: Check in the schedule below or in the Contestant Starter Pack.     

Q: Where does my competition take place?

A: Check the map below or in the Contestant Starter Pack.

Q: How do I know when it's my robot's turn?

A: The information about competitions are constantly displayed on the screens and read through the speakers.

Q: Is there a possibility to fix/improve my robot during tournament?

A: There is a Service Zone available for all the contestants, in which there's a Service Stand with shared basic tools and appliances for fixing your robots (eg. soldering iron, drill).

Q: Is there any food provided for contestants?

A: There is  no food provided by the organisers.

Q: Will I be able to test my robot before the competition?

A: Yes, in the Service Zone there are Test Tracks and Arenas for most of the competitions.

Q: What start modules are used during the xSumo competitions? Are they provided by the organisers? Can I build one on my own?

A: During the tournament, Robot Challenge standard start modules are being used and they are provided by the organisers. If you want to build one, modules documentation can be found on the following website:

Q: Is it better to land in Warsaw or Wroclaw?

A: It depends on multiple factors, mostly from airline tickets, your financial capabilities, timetables etc. We can present travel possibilities from Warsaw to Wroclaw and provide you with some links - the choice is yours.

Landing in Wroclaw

 - If you have to change your flight in Warsaw, you may want to consider other options of  getting from Warsaw to Wroclaw. Options below.

- During the day, 106 bus line will take you to from the airport to the city centre in 40 minutes - 1 hour (depending on traffic).

- If you land at night, there's a night bus 206 direct Dworzec Autobusowy, which can take you to the city centre.

- For bus, tram and trains schedule use (also available in Google Play and Apple iStore) or Google Maps

- You can buy tickets inside the bus or tram (payment by card only), tickets are also available in ticket machines on some bus and tram stops (payment methods: card or cash). Regular ticket costs 3.20 PLN (approx. 1EUR), but there are numerous options available for period tickets. MPK tickets are valid for both MPK trams and MPK buses. Periodtickets for 24h or longer are also valid for some trains inside City of Wroclaw Area, provided thattheywere validated before entering the train.

- Taxi to the city centre costs between 50-100 PLN.

- Uber is also available in Wroclaw.

Landing in Warsaw and getting to Wroclaw

 - The distance between Wroclaw and Warsaw in straight line is around 300 km.

- Notice that there are 2 airports in Warsaw - Modlin Airport WMI and Warsaw Chopin Airport WAW. It takes at least 1h to get from one to another.

- You can switch to flights to Wroclaw. LOT operate flights between those cities. Ticket costs between 40-100 EUR (additional costs may apply) and the flight takes around 1h. Use Google Flights for more information.

- Warsaw-Wroclaw trains are available at Warszawa Centralna and Warszawa Zachodnia stations. There's a train station at Chopin International Airport operated by SKM, from where you can get to those. The journey takes around 15 minutes. Tickets are available at the station. You can also use or Google Maps for more information.

- Buses are also available outside the arrival terminal. Use the aforementioned for schedule.

- There are numerous trains available from Warsaw to Wroclaw, operated by PKP Intercity - national railway operator. You can search for more information on Notice, that PKP EIP (Express Intercity Premium) trains require you to buy a ticket before entering the train - you cannot buy a ticket onboard. PKP IC (Intercity) trains are slower but significantly cheaper. Please be aware, that some trains (PKP TLK) operate via Poznan and journey can take around 9h at higher cost than 5h journey via Lodz. If you are a foreign student, you have to buy a normal ticket - student's discount does notapply to foreign students in PKP trains.                    

- You may also want to consider FlixBus - bus operator. See for schedule and tickets.